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12 thoughts on “Stay Discipline To Your Strengh Program

  1. Couldn’t agree more bro, I know I get caught up sometimes with chasing a 1
    rep, not for any female, but for myself haha! I know what you mean though!
    Days you ain’t feeling the gym is the best or can be!

    1. Yeah me too bro last year all I was chasing is one rep max but this year
      I’m trying to take my time if u feeling if your old lift are starting to
      get easier than that’s different

  2. I feel you bro. I don’t sweat any chick caring how I look. My wife
    personally cares less so it’s all for myself. I didn’t realize how tall you
    where for some reason till this video

    1. I’m 5’9 yeah me either man as long as my wife loves me that’s all that
      matters but most dudes be trying to impress females and the crazy part
      about is they don’t care ?

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